Red and Green Multicoloured Spirit Ball

Red and Green Multicoloured Spirit Ball


Spoil your loved ones with the gift of a Friendship Ball from Caravel. Each of our Friendship Balls are handblown with care by our skilled artisans. Just like your friendships, each is unique. Choose the ball which best represents your friend's personality! They will love having a beautiful reminder of your bond to keep in their home.

This Friendship Ball is part of an age old legend. The colourful strands of the tree inside the ball attract negative spirits, trapping them inside the globe where they are prevented from making mischief. The strands of glass, which look just like a tree, make this ball unique and beautiful. 

Ball measures approximately 10cm.

Each Friendship Ball comes individually gift boxed with a stand and an affirmation card. 

The affirmation card reads: 

"The offering of a Friendship Ball is an old tradition symbolising a deep friendship between two people. The ball is round and therefore has no beginning and no end. It is ageless and timeless like true friends. Sitting in the sunlight, it sparkles the way a good friend does. The colours dance across the surface of the ball enhancing one another just like different personalities enhance each other. The glass balls are hand blown and each is unique representing how no two friends are alike."

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