Set of Simplicity Champagne Glasses

Set of Simplicity Champagne Glasses


Add some exclusive beauty to your home with a set of Caravel stemware. Our handmade, mouth blown stemware is produced by skilled artisans, who take up to 7 years to train. Each item is uniquely beautiful and one of a kind. 

The Simplicity range will bring a bright burst of colour to your dining table or afternoon indulgence. Beautiful strong swirls of red glass are contrasted with the clear beauty of the natural glass. This range is truly elegant in its simplicity. 

Champagne glass diameter measures 7cm. Height measures 24cm. As this is a handmade product, these values are approximate. 

Champagne glasses are available in a set of four. 

This range also includes red and white wine glasses. View the full range here. 

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